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Ads across US Capitol and new animated video promote animal-free research

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Ask your Representative to support the HEARTS Act

A new campaign video and striking street ads across Washington DC’s Capitol Hill have been winning HEARTS and minds this month in support of the Humane and Existing Alternatives to Animals in Research and Testing Sciences Act (HEARTS).

You can watch the video here.

Our colorful and artfully designed ads installed across key locations on Capitol Hill’s bikeshare stations grabbed the attention of legislators and their staff, inviting them to learn more and support the bill.

Some ads highlight that the National Institutes of Health (NIH) spends more than $12 billion of taxpayers’ money on animal experiments each year, even though there are increasingly more modern and effective methods that are often cheaper and can lead to better results. They also illustrate that our recent survey of voters showed overwhelming support for change, with 79% saying that the NIH should prioritize research proposals that focus on valid scientific alternatives to animal testing.

The HEARTS Act would make sure that non-animal methods are prioritized in all research proposals approved by the NIH.

The Act would create incentives for researchers to use non-animal testing methods and create standard guidelines for evaluating them. All proposals would be reviewed by someone with expertise in non-animal research, and a reference librarian would evaluate the quality of the methods used.

It is sponsored by Representatives Lucille Roybal-Allard (D-CA) and Ken Calvert (R-CA).

The HEARTS Act prioritizes the use and development of non-animal testing methods for generating new information on human biology and illness to deliver better medicines and healthcare products and protect the environment. It supports advances in science and technology whilst minimizing harm to animals.

You can help by asking your US Representative to become a cosponsor of the bill. Take action below.