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BREAKING NEWS – Major milestone as Garnier joins the Leaping Bunny family

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We hope more L’Oréal Group brands will now follow suit

We are delighted to announce that cosmetics and haircare giant Garnier is joining the growing Leaping Bunny family.

The global beauty brand, ranked as one of the world’s top ten most valuable cosmetics companies, has been approved under the Leaping Bunny programme marking a significant milestone in the fight against cosmetics animal testing.

For Garnier, this was a case of securing evidence from more than 500 suppliers, who source over 3,000 different ingredients for the brand, from across the world.

For many months, Garnier and Cruelty Free International have worked together to secure this evidence and ensure that every product within Garnier’s global portfolio can officially display the Leaping Bunny logo.

Leaping Bunny requires brands to forensically investigate their entire supply chain, including all raw material and individual ingredients, for any cases of animal testing.

Our CEO Michelle Thew said: “Garnier is a global brand familiar to us all. To work with them to help end animal testing for cosmetics and declare them officially approved under the Leaping Bunny Programme is a real milestone. Garnier’s approval by the Leaping Bunny programme is an important gear shift for major cosmetics.

“Garnier is one of many L’Oréal Group brands that we hope will now move forward for Leaping Bunny approval, solidifying the company’s commitment to a world without animal testing. This is also a big step in the right direction towards meeting our call being led by the European Parliament for a worldwide ban on animal cosmetics testing by 2023.”

Since 2017 there has been an amazing 190% increase in brands enquiring about Leaping Bunny status, showing that consumer demand for cruelty free products across the globe can have an impact on how cosmetics brands operate.