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Chancellor’s pledge for UK to become “R&D superpower” must mean an end to cruel and outdated animal experiments

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We need targets and timetables to drive investment in animal free science

In today’s budget, the UK’s Chancellor’s of the Exchequer stressed the importance of cutting-edge research and innovation but made no reference to much-needed investment in animal-free science.

The UK remains one of Europe’s biggest users of animals in experiments, despite recent YouGov polling carried out for us highlighting that 66% of the public want to see an end date set by government for animal testing. 

The announcement comes only days after George Freeman MP, the science minister, told MPs in a debate on animal testing that he would seek funding to promote the use of non-animal testing methods.

Commenting on the announcement, our Director of Public Affairs, Kerry Postlewhite said: “The Chancellor’s announcement today was the perfect opportunity to announce further investment in more innovative and accurate research techniques to replace outdated and cruel animal testing. We hope that this opportunity has not been wasted.”

“We are calling on the Government to outline an action plan setting out a pro-active strategy for ending reliance on outdated and unreliable animal experiments. The Chancellor referred in his speech to the UK Net Zero strategy, highlighting how clear targets drive significant funding and investment. We are calling for a similar strategy with targets and timetables to end animal testing which would likewise drive investment in animal free science.”

Grahame Morris MP, Chair of the APPG on Human Relevant Science said: “As Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Human Relevant Science, I had hoped that the Budget today would include a commitment to invest in a transition from animal testing to human relevant techniques. Polling consistently illustrates public support for such a transition. The Government must take decisive and ambitious action to modernise medical research by phasing out animal experiments in favour of cutting-edge techniques and New Approach Methodologies. This would deliver major benefits for people, animals and the economy.”

Please sign and share our #TargetZero petition with Animal Free Research UK and OneKind calling for a phase out plan for animal-testing in the UK.