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Conservative Party of Canada pledges to support a ban on cosmetic testing on animals

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New election platform includes animal welfare goals

Earlier this week, the Conservative Party of Canada released its full 160-page election platform[1] as Canada heads into a federal election. Contained in the plan is a pledge to end cosmetic testing on animals by “amending the Food and Drug Act and its regulations”.

We’re delighted that the Conservative Party of Canada has included animal welfare goals in its platform and especially this commitment to make ending animal testing for cosmetics a priority. With progress being made around the world, it is time for Canada to finally take this step.

Cruelty Free International has been working for the past few years to end the sale of new animal tested cosmetics in Canada. Our campaign has brought awareness to millions of Canadians about the need to ban cosmetic animal testing and we showed parliament how strongly Canadians feel about this issue when we, along with The Body Shop Canada, handed in the the largest petition they’ve received in over 70 years - with over 630,000 Canadian signatures supporting a ban on cosmetic animal testing.

Moreover, our polling in early 2020 found that an overwhelming 88% of would support a federal law to prohibit cosmetics tests on animals. The poll also showed that support crosses party lines, with 87% of Liberal, 85% of Conservative, 90% NDP and 87% Green Party supporters in favour.

Our North America Head of Public Affairs, Monica Engebretson, said: “We have continued to work for cross-party support with industry and other stakeholders in Canada to pave the way for a successful end to cosmetics animal testing.  Our work on US state-level bills and the agreements we reached with industry on those has not only informed federal legislation in the US but has been instrumental in helping inform a way forward in Canada.”

If you live in Canada, do use our quick and easy tool to support a cruelty free Canada now.