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Cruelty Free International scientists at World Congress on Alternatives

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World Congress Building

Sharing our research with scientists from across the globe

Over the next two weeks, our team of scientists is presenting some of Cruelty Free International’s work to participants at the 11th World Congress on Alternatives and Animal Use in the Life Sciences.

The Congress has been a triannual event that brings together specialists working on the replacement of animal testing. This year the event is being held virtually from Maastricht, The Netherlands. 

In over 100 symposia, workshops and lectures, distinguished experts and young scientists will share their recent work on innovative non-animal methods, good research practice, harmonisation, education, the transition to animal free research and ethics.

Across the event our team has four poster presentations and will be giving three talks, one on replacing the guinea pig test for skin allergy, one on how we can improve EU chemicals legislation to better protect animals and one on the barriers to the implementation of non-animal methods.

The event is a chance to showcase the contributions that our science team makes to replacing the use of animals in research and testing and is also an opportunity for them to network and meet with other scientists who share the same goal.

At the event we will be joining other animal protection groups calling on:

  • decision-makers to implement policy and regulation changes to accelerate the uptake of non-animal methods in education, research, and testing.
  • conference attendees to promote institution-level strategies to phase-out the use of animals.
  • World Congress organisers to focus on accelerating the implementation of non-animal approaches at future meetings.

You can read the animal protection groups’ statement here.