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Green spokesperson calls for closure of LPT following our investigation

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We urge local parliament for actions not words

The parliament of the German state of Lower Saxony, location of the LPT contract animal testing facility, today discussed a motion tabled by MP Miriam Staudte, animal protection spokesperson for the Green Party.

Citing the findings of our joint investigation with SOKO Tierschutz at LPT, Ms Staudte urged not only the prosecution of LPT for its legal infringements but also its immediate closure.

Speakers from all parties also asked that a clear signal be sent from Lower Saxony to the federal German government that more needs to be done to strengthen and tighten animal testing laws in Germany.

MPs agreed that there should be more in-depth discussion of the issues surrounding LPT and animal testing and the matter will now be taken up by the parliament’s Committee on Agriculture, Food and Consumer Safety.

Cruelty Free International’s Director of Public Affairs, Kerry Postlewhite, said: “It’s good news that local decision-makers have reacted to our investigation, however it’s vital that the discussions that will now take place in committee are not simply more hot air but lead to concrete action. We very much agree that LPT should be closed and laws strengthened but politicians in Lower Saxony, Germany and across the European Union need urgently to also address the bigger picture – this is not just about LPT, this is about the real face of toxicity testing on animals wherever it might take place.”

Help us make decision-makers take notice and join 65,000 others calling for an urgent review of animal testing across the EU.