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Guatemalan Congress approves animal testing ban

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New animal welfare law will end cosmetics testing on animals

Today we are one more country closer to a global ban on cosmetics animal testing as Guatemala passes an animal welfare law to end the cruel practice. The landmark legislation approved by the Guatemalan Congress this week will improve the lives of animals by banning animal testing for cosmetics throughout the country.

The law aims to punish all acts of animal cruelty and help to protect animals used in experiments, wildlife and companion animals. It will also introduce bans on the use of animals in circuses and dog fighting.

Michelle ThewCEO of Cruelty Free International, said: “It is clear that global momentum is growing as countries like Guatemala increasingly step up and end cosmetics animal testing. The only way to make sure no animal suffers for cosmetics is a global ban that ends cruel testing everywhere. That’s why the next step is for the United Nations to take decisive action and adopt an international convention that puts in place one set of harmonised rules which end outdated, cruel animal testing for cosmetics forever.”

The new law brings Guatemala in line with over 30 other countries across the world where Cruelty Free International has helped to launch similar bans, including in the EU, India and New Zealand. 

Please join our campaign for a global ban on animal testing for cosmetics and help us convince the UN to end cruel cosmetics testing once and for all.