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It’s a very Happy New Year for animals in Hawaii, Maryland and Virginia!

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We celebrate cruelty free cosmetics laws coming into force in three states

We are very pleased to be welcoming in the New Year with some good news. Today's the day that cruelty free cosmetics laws in Hawaii, Maryland and Virginia all come into effect, ending the sale of newly animal tested cosmetics in those states.

These three states join California, Illinois, Nevada and Maine in prohibiting the sale of new animal-tested cosmetics. In March, New Jersey will join the growing collection of cruelty-free states, and we are working hard to secure legislation for New York in 2022. 

This follows December’s reintroduction of the nationwide Humane Cosmetics Act in both the US Senate and the House of Representatives. 

Monica Engebretson, our Head of Public Affairs North America, said: States often serve as a testing ground for new ideas that are later adopted nationwide, and this is certainly holding true for ending animal testing for cosmetics in the US. The introduction and passage of state laws also creates momentum for federal action. Moreover, these state successes have demonstrated that progress is possible when companies, consumers, advocates, scientists and lawmakers work together to reach a common goal.”  

Please take action to support the federal Humane Cosmetics Act, which would end animal testing for cosmetics across the United States and ensure that animals are not harmed in cruel and outdated tests for the sake of cosmetics. YOU can help make a difference for animals by completing our quick form asking your US Representative to support the Humane Cosmetics Act.