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Kenny MacAskill is our Parliamentarian of the Month for October

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We recognise Scottish MP for his commitment to championing animal protection

We’re delighted to make Kenny MacAskill, Member of Parliament (MP) for East Lothian, our Parliamentarian of the Month for October 2020, to recognise his work for animals.

The award acknowledges Kenny’s continued questioning of Government ministers at Westminster to uncover more information about what really happens to animals in UK laboratories.

Questions from the MP have helped reveal, for example, what proportion of the 72,852 batch potency tests conducted on mice in 2019 were to test botox products. Latest government figures show little change in number of animal experiments over the last ten years despite growing public opposition and no robust scientific evidence that animal tests reliably predict human safety.

Kerry Postlewhite, our Director of Public Affairs, said: "We’re always grateful to parliamentarians who show concern for animals suffering in laboratories and take steps to help end cruel and unreliable animal research. Kenny has been a strong advocate for animals and has played a valuable role in increasing transparency around animal testing in the UK. It’s a pleasure to present Kenny with our Parliamentarian of the Month award for October.”

Kenny MacAskill, MP for East Lothian, said: “I’m delighted to receive this award. The public has made it clear it wants an end to the continued high level of animal suffering in UK laboratories. I will continue to use my platform in order to help advocate for better science that is relevant to humans.”