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LPT client companies suspend cooperation with lab at centre of our investigation

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Your continued support makes all the difference – please help us show the world what is happening behind closed laboratory doors

As news of our joint investigation with SOKO Tierschutz into the LPT contract animal testing facility in Lower Saxony spreads, some clients are now announcing that they are ending, reviewing or suspending their work with the laboratory.

Reports on the Swiss public television channel SRF confirm that Inthera Bioscience – an emerging Swiss biotechnology company – has said that it will ‘suspend further cooperation with LPT until it has a clearer picture of the situation’. 

Boehringer Ingelheim, one of the world’s 20 leading pharmaceutical companies with 50,000 employees worldwide and headquartered in Germany, has today announced via Facebook that it has worked with LPT but has currently ended cooperation awaiting the results of ongoing investigations by the authorities.

To date, there have been no public statements made by LPT subsequent to its announcement when news of our investigation broke that it would fully cooperate with the authorities.

Our Director of Science, Dr Katy Taylor, said: “The sustained public outrage at the cruelty we uncovered at LPT is making a real difference for animals and taking us closer to both the closure of this laboratory and a more fundamental review of animal testing across Europe. Not only should all of LPT’s clients suspend current and future work with the facility, they should also be asking questions of each and every one of the laboratories with which they have animal testing contracts and realise that repeated industry denials of animal suffering are starting to ring very hollow.”

Thank you to everyone who has demonstrated, written letters, sent emails, posted on social media, contacted companies and decision-makers. Your continued action will make all the difference for the animals at LPT and other facilities. 

It is important that we keep this issue at the top of the agenda so that LPT is closed and a fundamental review of animal testing across the EU takes place urgently.

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