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LPT headquarters in Neugraben is denied permission for new tests

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Animal testing company’s headquarters joins Mienenbüttel site in being refused testing permits

In an expert hearing yesterday, the Hamburg Citizenship Health Committee announced that LPT Neugraben, company headquarters of the controversial German animal testing facility at the centre of our joint investigation with SOKO-Tierschutz, will “not receive any new permits for animal experiments” and that “previous authorization for animal experiments will be withdrawn when possible”.

In January local authorities inspected LPT Mienenbüttel, the site where our investigation exposed shocking levels of animal cruelty and breaches of EU and German law. They concluded that the facility’s reliability is no longer assured and revoked its operating licence. At yesterday’s hearing, local Parliamentarian Matthias Czech (SPD) said LPT’s headquarters in Neugraben would join LPT Mienenbüttel by “quickly and permanently having its operating license withdrawn”.

We are delighted that justice is being done with the authorities taking action to hold LPT accountable and are calling on the EU to follow-up its complaint against Germany for failing to properly implement EU laws. Germany was found to be the second largest user of animal experiments in Europe (2,068, 813 tests in 2017) behind the UK in an EU animal testing report released by the European Commission this week.

Please join us and over 110,000 people in contacting the European Commission and asking for an immediate review of animal testing laws in Europe.