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MP calls for proactive plan to end animal tests

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Margaret Ferrier in Parliament

UK Government urged to do more

Last week, the House of Commons discussed animal testing in a debate tabled by Scottish MP, Margaret Ferrier, who urged the Government to listen to the science and the overwhelming public support for ending animal tests.

Ms Ferrier called for a more proactive approach to bringing animal tests to an end, citing the recent example set by the European Parliament which voted in September overwhelmingly in favour of an ambitious plan containing concrete actions that will lead to absolute and sustained reductions in the number of animals used in experiments. 

During the debate the MP for Rutherglen also set out the following urgent actions the Government should take to begin to establish a UK phase-out plan for animal tests: 

  • A clear and ambitious strategy to end animal testing encompassing a joined-up approach across Government and stakeholders and the use of target setting as we have seen with our climate change commitments. 

  • Increased funding for underfunded non-animal technologies and a commitment that at least some of the £5 billion for health research announced in the Chancellor’s Autumn Budget will be allocated to human relevant science. 

  • A dedicated Minister with the sole portfolio of accelerating animal-free science to ensure that this work is prioritised within government. 


Our Director of Public Affairs, Kerry Postlewhite, said: 

“We are extremely grateful to Margaret Ferrier MP for bringing this debate to the House of Commons and advocating for a targeted plan to phase out animal tests in the UK.  

“It was disappointing that the Minister turned up to the debate with a pre-scripted answer to ‘three commonly cited’ statements about animal tests rather than engaging with the actual points raised, including the public health and economic benefits that a transition to humane, animal-free science would bring.  

“The Government must look to the examples that others are setting and meaningfully engage in planning to end animal tests so that animal suffering ends and the UK life sciences industry does not get left behind.” 


It’s not too late to add your name to our Target Zero petition calling for a plan to phase out animal tests. You can sign and share the petition below.