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Nevada, you did it!

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Governor Steve Sisolak has signed The Nevada Cruelty Free Cosmetics Act into law

The bill, authored by Senator Melanie Schieble and supported by Cruelty Free International, has made Nevada the 2nd state to pass a state-wide ban on the sale of cosmetics that involves new animal testing. The new law will prohibit the sale of any cosmetic product that has been tested on animals after the date January 1, 2020.

Last year California passed a similar law that also comes into effect in January 2020. This year several other states have introduced measures prohibiting animal testing for cosmetics, including a bill in Illinois that is on the Governor’s desk, and a bill in Hawaii which will continue in the Senate next year. Both are supported by Cruelty Free International.

Monica Engebretson, our North American Campaign Manager, said: “We are delighted that Nevada has become a national leader in ending the sale of cruel cosmetics. This is a significant step not just for Nevada but for the entire US as history has shown that state activity leads to changes at the federal level. This new law will help inform a way forward for federal legislation so that the US can join the over 30 countries that have already taken a stand against animal testing for cosmetics.” 

Senator Melanie Scheibel said: “For more than 50 years animals have been used in painful tests for cosmetics. But science and public opinion have evolved and today it is no longer necessary or acceptable to harm animals for new cosmetics. The time has come to make cruel cosmetics a thing of the past and I am proud that Nevada is leading the way.”

Want your state to be the next to go cruelty free? You can help by writing to your State Senator and asking them to introduce a Cruelty Free Cosmetics Act in your state.