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New poll reveals US united against cosmetics animal tests

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79% of Americans support nationwide law to end cosmetics animal testing

This week we released the results of our SurveyUSA poll revealing that an amazing 79% of American adults support a federal law to end animal testing for cosmetics.

The findings show that people across all age groups and all political views are united against cruel and outdated cosmetics tests on animals.

Bills in California, Nevada and Illinois that will end the sale of newly tested cosmetics in those states from January 2020 are also increasing pressure for federal action

“In a difficult political climate, this is an issue that could be a shining example of unity. A federal end to cosmetics animal testing in the USA wins strong support from Americans of all political and ideological affiliations. Our work in states has proven that there is an appetite for legislative action on this issue with three state bans poised to come into effect early next year and similar bills pending in other states,” said Monica Engebretson, our North America Campaign Manager

The representative poll also reveals that women, who are the major consumers of cosmetics, are overwhelmingly against animal testing of cosmetics, with 78% opposed. The poll results also challenge the notion that animal testing for cosmetics is not a concern amongst conservatives, with 71% of respondents who identify as “very conservative” saying they would support a federal prohibition.

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