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New UK parliamentary group to promote human-relevant science

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We welcome All-Party Parliamentary Group working to accelerate use of human-relevant non-animal research in UK

A new All-Party Parliamentary Group today held its first AGM with the aim of accelerating the development and uptake of human-relevant science in the UK.

The group, supported by the Alliance for Human Relevant Science, will be a forum for UK MPs and Lords, the human-relevant life sciences sector, third sector groups, scientists and stakeholders to discuss improving our understanding of human biology and disease plus the development of new medicines without using animals. It will examine need for increased and strategic funding to incentivise use of human relevant research and push for inclusion of non-animal methods in regulatory guidelines on medicine development.

A speech by Boris Johnson at today’s Conservative Party conference promising more “funding for all types of revolutionary scientific breakthroughs” and highlighting Britain’s ability to do things “differently and better, from innovation in tech to improving our standards in animal welfare” emphasises the need for an All-Party Parliamentary Group to advance these issues.

Our Public Affairs Director, Kerry Postlewhite, said, “We are delighted that cross-party parliamentarians in the UK are coming together to look at how we can take forward strategies for replacing unreliable animal tests with innovative human relevant new methods. This will directly benefit animals, human health, UK science and enhance the efficiency and profitability of industries that make vital contributions to the UK economy.”

The APPG’s Chair, Labour MP Grahame Morris, said, “The COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated that the current approach to developing new treatments is simply not fast enough to meet humanity’s needs. We urgently need to transition to new approach methodologies which promise to deliver safer and more effective medicines, more quickly and at less cost.”

APPG Vice Chair, Conservative MP Sir David Amess, said, “The Government needs to provide much-needed financial support to boost growth in the human relevant life sciences sector and enable the UK to remain an innovative science superpower. As the country seeks a COVID-19 vaccine, this is the perfect time for parliamentarians to take seriously the growing evidence in favour of pioneering human relevant medical research techniques that are replacing the outdated use of animals.”