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Poll: Nearly 90% of Canadians support end to cosmetic animal testing

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We call on government to act quickly in 2020 and pass federal law

The results of our new poll reveal that an overwhelming 88% of Canadians would support a federal law to end cosmetics tests on animals. Support for a ban crosses party lines and generations.

Together with The Body Shop, we launched a campaign in 2017 to end the sale and manufacture of animal tested cosmetics in Canada. This campaign has brought awareness to millions of Canadians about the need to end cosmetic animal testing and helped Bill S-214 (The Cruelty-Free Cosmetics Act) get to Second Reading in the House of Commons – the furthest any bill on this issue has ever made it in the legislative process. Sadly that bill ran out of parliamentary time just before the 2019 election. We are now calling on legislators to move quickly in the New Year to finally end cosmetic animal testing with government legislation.

Hilary Lloyd, Vice President of Marketing & Corporate Responsibility for The Body Shop North America said: “We have seen first-hand how strongly Canadians feel about this issue – we received over 900,000 signatures on our petition last year to end cosmetic animal testing. As the first international beauty brand to campaign against cosmetic animal testing in the 1980s, we have since watched the cruelty-free market explode. Consumers are demanding it and the Canadian government should act to ensure all cosmetics are free from cruelty.”

Monica Engebretson, our Head of Public Affairs in North America said: “Ending cosmetic animal testing would align Canada with the EU, one of the world’s largest cosmetics markets and a key trading partner. The US is also moving towards a ban, with a federal bipartisan bill under consideration. If Canada doesn’t act soon, it risks falling further behind its international peers. With modern non-animal testing methods usually cheaper, faster and more accurate than animal tests, it just makes sense.” 

If you live in Canada you can use our quick and easy tool to contact your MP to urge government action.