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US Representative Tony Cárdenas, awarded Cruelty Free International Legislator of the Month

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Urge your Representative to support the CARE Act to send survivors home

US Representative Tony Cárdenas has been awarded our Legislator of the Month award for March 2022. Each month, we nominate a lawmaker, to celebrate the work they do for animals in laboratories. This month, Representative Cárdenas (D-CA) receives his award for his leadership on the Companion Animal Release from Experiments [CARE] Act and his cosponsorship of the Humane Cosmetics Act.

The CARE Act would ensure that research facilities across the United States which receive funding from the National Institutes of Health develop and implement adoption policies for dogs, cats and rabbits no longer used for research.

“It’s simple: if a research facility uses pets for research, then they must work to find them homes,” said Congressman Cárdenas. “We experiment on over 200,000 dogs, cats, and rabbits each year. The least we can do is give these living beings a chance at life in a loving home. My bill requires research facilities funded by the NIH to develop adoption policies for those animals. This is part of a larger effort to move away from animal-based testing and research wherever possible and toward more humane and sound scientific research.”

The Humane Cosmetics Act would end testing of cosmetics on animals and prohibit the sale of products developed using animal testing in the United States. Regarding the Humane Cosmetic Act, Rep. Cárdenas said, “I have always been a strong supporter of animal rights throughout my career in public service. The cruel and inhumane practice of testing cosmetics on animals is unacceptable. These tests are unnecessary, especially when there are non-animal, cost-efficient research methods that we can adopt.”

Monica Engebretson, our Head of Public Affairs North America, said, “We couldn’t ask for a better advocate for animals in Congress than Representative Cárdenas. With his leadership of the CARE Act and the Humane Cosmetics Act he has continued to push for real change to help end the suffering of animals used in laboratories.”

If you are a US resident, please  help advance the CARE Act by contacting your US Representative and asking them to become a cosponsor of the bill here.

And you can help us advance the Humane Cosmetics Act here.