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We call for Spanish government to postpone extension of Vivotecnia contracts

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Monkey in Vivotecnia being held down my arms in yellow gloves

Help us ensure that Vivotecnia cannot continue to perform cruel experiments by signing to end animal testing in Europe

According to press reports in Spain, the country’s Ministry of Science and National Research Council have extended two contracts with Vivotecnia, the Madrid contract-testing laboratory where we exposed shocking levels of cruelty and animal suffering and apparent systemic breaches of Spanish and EU laws earlier this year.

The findings from a major undercover investigation at Vivotecnia were published in April 2021.

The press reports suggest that on 29 October the two contracts with Vivotecnia were extended until 2023.

Our Director of Science, Dr Katy Taylor, said: “We are shocked at this decision by government to extend contracts with Vivotecnia whilst the facility is still facing charges of cruelty and breaches of law in the Madrid courts.

The undercover footage showed the dark side of regulatory testing on animals and revealed an horrendous mixture of suffering and cruelty. We are calling on the Spanish Government to, at the very least, postpone any continuation of these contracts.”

If you’re an EU national, you can help us stop Vivotecnia and other laboratories around Europe by signing and sharing our European Citizens’ Initiative to End Animal Testing.