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We repeat our call for German authorities to close LPT

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We want immediate closure of contract testing facility after response from authorities falls short

The latest reported response from the local Ministry of Agriculture does not do enough to address the shocking levels of animal suffering uncovered by our investigation at Laboratory of Pharmacology and Toxicology (LPT). Our joint investigation with SOKO Tierschutz revealed the horrific plight of animals at the facility in Lower Saxony, including graphic undercover footage of dogs left bleeding and dying, and monkeys being routinely abused.

According to press reports in Germany, the Lower Saxony Ministry of Agriculture will suspend new animal studies and review existing experiments at the contract testing facility. While we are pleased action is being taken, the evidence from our investigation shows animal cruelty and breaches of law that we believe must result in LPT immediately losing its authorization to carry out animal tests and the closure of the facility.

Cruelty Free International’s Director of Science, Dr Katy Taylor, said: “We, and hundreds of thousands of concerned people from within Germany and across the world, believe this laboratory must close. The breaches in legislation, the appalling levels of suffering, the cruelty, the poor conditions and practices resulting in further animal suffering are unacceptable. We therefore call on the Lower Saxony Ministry of Agriculture to close this laboratory and to immediately instigate a rehoming strategy for the animals held there, that will provide a secure and better future for all of them.’’

We want to see an urgent review of toxicity testing in Europe so that cruelty like this cannot be allowed to take place in any laboratory. Please sign and share our call to the European Commission for a fundamental review of European animal research.