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We've saved the EU cosmetics ban!

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EU court rules against attempt to weaken ban

We have welcomed a decision made today by the Court of Justice of the European Union to reject an attempt to weaken the EU animal testing ban for cosmetics.

The European Federation for Cosmetics Ingredients wanted to evade the cosmetics animal testing ban by testing on animals under other European or overseas legislation, before using the data to sell cosmetics in the EU.

We are now urging national regulators to ensure the ruling is enforced effectively across the EU.

The case was brought last year by EFCI which represents most cosmetics ingredients manufacturers in Europe.

Backed by the French Government, it argued that cosmetics companies should be able to sell in the EU cosmetics containing ingredients tested on animals - as long as the tests were nominally carried out under some legislation other than the EU Cosmetics Regulation. 

But, in a triumph for common sense, the Court ruling today will make it harder for companies to sell cosmetics in the UK and EU if they have been animal tested elsewhere in the world.

Due to our expertise, we were the only NGO given permission to intervene in the case.

Michelle Thew, Chief Executive said: “We are very pleased that EFCI’s attempt to circumnavigate the ban has today been roundly rejected by the Court. This is a victory both for common sense, and for the public who passionately back the landmark animal testing ban. We urge national regulators to stay vigilant and ensure that the cosmetics ban is upheld to prevent the suffering and death of animals, as the Court has signalled.”