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World-renowned zoologist speaks out on the animal suffering at LPT

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Desmond Morris calls for a fundamental rethink on use of animals in research

Desmond Morris, the world-renowned zoologist, ethologist, broadcaster for film and television and author of The Naked Ape, a landmark study of human behaviour and evolution, has reacted with shock to the graphic footage taken inside LPT, the German contract testing laboratory. The footage, published as part of the findings from our investigation with SOKO Tierschutz, shows dogs bleeding and dying and primates living in barren cages and subjected to cruel and abusive treatment.

Having spent a life-time studying monkeys and apes, Desmond Morris told us: ‘’I cannot forget the images I saw of extremely distressed macaques, deprived of physical and mental stimulation, immobilized and fearful, at the mercy of uncaring and often deliberately callous staff. For these highly intelligent, social and sentient beings to be treated in this way, and for their well-being to be so severely compromised is unforgivable.

In the 21st Century, it is time for a fundamental rethink about the way we treat animals used in research. Although poor practices and breaches in EU legislation took place at LPT, every year millions of animals across the EU suffer in toxicity tests. I support Cruelty Free International in its call for a comprehensive review of the use of animals in regulatory toxicity testing.’’

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