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In this Administration #MakeTheirVoiceCount

Animals don’t speak our language, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have anything to say.

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Make Their Voice Count

We can achieve big changes for animals in laboratories over the next four years if we work together to end animal testing.

Dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, mice, rats, pigs, monkeys, fish and birds are all experimented on right here in the US. Over the next four years, we can take big steps toward ending the use of animals in painful and outdated experiments. Together we can:

Increase Investment in Alternatives

New human-relevant alternatives to animal tests promise to deliver safer and more effective medicines, more quickly and at less cost, but are dramatically underfunded.

Prioritize Humane Sciences

Our SurveyUSA poll shows that an amazing 88% of Americans support a federal law requiring scientists to use non-animal methods wherever possible. #Hearts4HumaneScience

Ban Animal Testing for Cosmetics

USA poll reveals that nearly 80% of US adults support a federal law to end animal testing for cosmetics. #HumaneCosmeticsActNow

Send the Survivors Home

We can ensure that laboratories allow animals such as dogs, cats and rabbits to be sent to loving homes rather than killed when no longer wanted for experiments. #SendSurvivorsHome

End Painful Outdated Tests

Dogs and monkeys are often used in “second species toxicity tests” that do not help determine if chemicals and drugs are safe for people.

Save Tax Dollars

At least 12 billion tax dollars fund cruel and unreliable animal experiments in the US every year. Modern non-animal methods are better and often less costly.

It’s up to us to #MakeTheirVoiceCount in this Administration. Take the pledge below.