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Stop airlines transporting monkeys for animal experiments

Thanks to our long-running campaigns, most of the world’s major passenger airlines now refuse to transport monkeys for animal research.

Sadly, there are some that still do.

These airlines still DO or would fly monkeys who are destined for a life of suffering in animal experiments. You can help by emailing:

Air France – Anne Rigail, Chief Executive –

Safe Air –

Wamos Air -

Here’s a suggested text for you to use:

I appeal to your airline to stop transporting monkeys destined for research and testing.

The trade in monkeys for research inflicts great cruelty and suffering on monkeys, including their capture from the wild, their forced captivity in unnatural conditions on farms, their transportation in the cargo holds of aeroplanes and their eventual fate and death in the research laboratory.

During transportation, monkeys will suffer stress and anxiety while confined in small transit crates in the cargo hold and forced to endure long and stressful journeys. They may even die en route.

Many of the world's airlines, such as American Airlines, British Airways, United Airlines, South African Airways, Delta Airlines, Eva Air, Air Canada and China Airlines, refuse to transport monkeys and other non-human primates destined for the research industry.

I appeal to you to stop transporting monkeys, thereby dissociating your airline from this highly controversial and cruel trade.