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Animal research is a secretive business

We expose what really happens to animals in laboratories

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Animal research is a secretive business. Laboratories are not open to the public and there is no CCTV available to view. Whilst some laboratories are showing more images of life within their laboratories, the photographs are typically sanitised, staged versions and there is rarely any footage of the experiments themselves or, importantly, the aftermath.

Conducting undercover investigations has been at the core of Cruelty Free International since our founding as the BUAV, and continues today. We believe investigations are vital to shine a light on the terrible suffering of animals in laboratories—suffering that often begins before they are even involved in procedures.

Our hard-hitting investigations have uncovered cruelty and suffering inflicted on primates in laboratories, and during their trapping, farming and transport. Our multi-year campaign to end the international transportation of primates for the research industry resulted in an increasing number of airlines refusing to transport primates for research, and bans on the use of wild caught monkeys in testing in Europe.

Recent investigations of contract testing facilities conducting experiments on behalf of drug and chemical companies have exposed the inherent cruelty involved in toxicity testing as well as numerous breaches of EU and international law. They have sparked international outrage, independent investigations, changes in policy and, in some instances, the closure of the laboratory.

Every time we enter a laboratory we find suffering. Every time.

Without investigations, the world would not know what happens to animals in laboratories. Without this important information, individuals, companies and governments would be less motivated to act.

Please help us continue our work to shine a light on the suffering inherent in animal experiments.