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Ashley Bell supports the Humane Cosmetics Act

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Actress Ashley Bell is sending an appeal across the U.S. to support Cruelty Free International and the Humane Cosmetics Act.

Ashley Bell, who starred in AMC’s “The Walking Dead” webisode series “The Oath,” states: “There is nothing more beautiful than using your voice to speak out for those who can’t.  Please join me and Cruelty Free International in supporting the Humane Cosmetics Act to finally end animal testing for cosmetics in the United States."

The Humane Cosmetics Act, introduced by U.S. Representatives Don Beyer (D-VA), Martha McSally (R -AZ), Joe Heck (R -NV) and Tony Cardenas (D-CA), would end animal testing for cosmetics after an one year phase in and would further phase out the sale of animal tested cosmetics in three years.

Animal tests for cosmetics involve rabbits, guinea pigs, mice and rats who can be injected, gassed, force-fed and killed. Ashley Bell and Cruelty Free International are joining forces to follow Europe’s lead and bring about a ban in the U.S. which will stop animals being used in painful and fatal test to develop beauty products.

Together we urge everyone to call on their Representatives to get behind the Humane Cosmetics Act so that the United States can join the global trend in moving away from the cruel use of animals to test cosmetics.

As well as supporting the work of Cruelty Free International to end cosmetics tests on animals, Ashley is currently directing and producing Love & Bananas, a feature length documentary that aims to educate the public and help end the universal practice of training elephants through cruel and abusive methods.

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Support the Humane Cosmetics Act

Take 5 to end cosmetics testing on animals in the United States

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