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Liberal Party of Canada pledges to end animal testing for cosmetics as soon as 2023

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Governing party manifesto for September’s general election takes a stance for animals

Last week, the Liberal Party of Canada released its party platform[1] for the federal election taking place later this month which included a promise that a re-elected Liberal government would “introduce legislation to end cosmetic testing on animals as soon as 2023 and phase out toxicity testing on animals by 2035.”

We’re delighted that the Liberal Party has included animal protection goals in its official party platform and that ending animal testing is squarely on its agenda.  We recently applauded a similar commitment from Canada’s Conservative Party.

We know from our polling[2] and campaigning that the vast majority of Canadians oppose animal testing for cosmetics regardless of political affiliation.

Our North America Head of Public Affairs, Monica Engebretson, said, “With Mexico recently passing restrictions on cosmetic animal testing, more US states passing legislation this year, and now pledges from two major political parties in Canada, a cruelty free North America seems finally within grasp.”

We look forward to continuing our work with campaigners, Canadian cosmetic companies and other stakeholders to achieve robust legislation in Canada.

If you live in Canada, do use our quick and easy tool to support a cruelty free Canada now.



[2] A summary of the findings from our poll is available here: