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Valentines Day 24 Donate Monthly

Beagles in laboratory

Choose love, not laboratoriesWill you give a gift to help animals in laboratories?

All animals deserve to live free from the horrors of animal testing. Your support will bring us closer to the day where no animal has to suffer in a laboratory. Will you support kindness over cruelty? Give a gift to animals this Valentine’s Day. Choose love, not laboratories. 

How your gift helps


Can support our work to win back the 1998 UK ban on animal testing for cosmetics and ensure it can’t be reversed in secret in the future. 


Can help us keep companies and regulators accountable, making sure they use non-animal methods. 


Can help grow our Leaping Bunny Programme, working with brands to eradicate testing on animals from their supply chains.

Infographic of how your money is spent

How your money is spent

We couldn't fund our work for animals without your help. That's why we're committed to being transparent about where your donation goes.