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Support the HEARTS Act

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Support the HEARTS Act

Did you know that at least 12 billion tax dollars EVERY YEAR fund US animal research even though there are increasingly more modern & effective methods that are often cheaper & can lead to better results?

Did you know that 92% of drugs fail in human trials even though they passed pre-clinical tests, including animal tests?

Thought not!

More needs to be done to ensure that humane and human-relevant methods are at the heart of the US research investment. That’s why we are supporting the HEARTS Act (H.R.1024).

Modern human-relevant methods include human epidemiological and clinical studies, cell-based methods, computer modelling and simulation, and human tissue studies. These options spare animal lives and advance science while more effectively protecting human health.  In a recent nationwide poll, 79 percent of voters said that the NIH should prioritize research proposals that utilize scientifically valid alternatives to animal testing

So why not revaluate our methods?

The HEARTS Act will prioritize the use of non-animal methods in NIH funded research in several ways including:
* directing the NIH to incentivize the use of non-animal methods,
* requiring that research proposals are reviewed by at least one person with expertise in non-animal research methods.
* establishing center dedicated to the funding and development of alternatives to the use of animals in testing and research.

Learn More about the HEARTS Act: View bill factsheet and FAQs here.