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Chemicals laws must not be an excuse to test cosmetics ingredients on animals

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Pledge your support to help end ALL animal testing in Europe

The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) Board of Appeal recently decided that cosmetics ingredients can be tested on animals in Europe, even though such tests have been banned since 2013 under the Cosmetics Regulation.

By acting together and by supporting our Leaping Bunny brands, we can fight this!

The decisions concern the links between the European Union’s (EU) chemicals regulations (REACH) and its cosmetics regulations as they relate to animal testing for substances used in cosmetics. The Board said that the restrictions on animal testing in Europe’s cosmetics laws do not prevent this, despite these ingredients having been exclusively used in cosmetics products for a number of years.

Devastatingly, these decisions compound the erosion of the EU’s bans on animal testing for cosmetics that we have been seeing over the past few years.

We firmly believe that this was not the intention of the elected representatives who put the cosmetics animal testing bans in place, in response to overwhelming opposition to this testing from people all over Europe and the UK. And we know that it’s not what you - and many, many people like you - want.

We know that you agree that animal testing for cosmetics is cruel and unnecessary wherever it takes place, and whatever the purpose for which it is carried out or the legislation under which it is carried out.

We think these decisions are wrong: they undermine the cosmetics testing bans and open the door to more tests on animals for cosmetics ingredients.

Until we are able to end cosmetics animal testing for any purpose anywhere, Leaping Bunny approved brands remain the cruelty free gold standard. They are still not permitted to carry out or commission animal testing, nor can they be party to chemicals testing with a view to including new ingredients in their products.

By remaining Leaping Bunny approved, Leaping Bunny brands are demonstrating their commitment to cruelty free cosmetics and their determination to do everything they can.

The Court of Justice of the European Union has already ruled that only non-animal methods be relied upon for cosmetics safety assessment. REACH should not be used as an excuse to test cosmetics ingredients on animals.

The EU Cosmetics Regulation was a vital step towards ending cruel cosmetics tests on animals. We will fight to save the principles enshrined in that legislation.

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