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China one step closer to cruelty free cosmetics

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New rules could spell the end for animal testing requirement

Decision makers in China have this week taken another step forwards with changes to the rules on cosmetics testing which could make a big difference to animals.

The Chinese Food and Drug Administration has issued a new regulation that could allow some new cosmetics to undergo a simplified registration process when imported through Shanghai.

This potentially means that these cosmetics would not be subject to China’s mandatory requirement for animal tests on imported cosmetics.

When the Administration made a similar announcement back in 2014, it led to the lifting of mandatory animal testing for some domestically manufactured cosmetics. We hope that the country is now on a path to the same for cosmetics made overseas and imported into China.

Cruelty Free International is working hard to encourage change in China.  Although the new regulation is currently limited in time and scope, we welcome this as the next step in China’s move away from cosmetics animal testing and towards a harmonised global cruelty free market.

Cruelty Free International CEO Michelle Thew says, “Change in China would be good news for ethical consumers, the cosmetics industry and – above all – for animals.  Leading the campaign for cruelty free cosmetics for over 20 years, we have achieved some real breakthroughs – it is now time for all countries to step up and finally ban cruel cosmetics tests everywhere and forever.”