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Hawaii to consider cruelty free cosmetics bill

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Bill could mean end of sale of newly animal tested cosmetics in state

This week the Hawaii Cruelty Free Cosmetics Act was re-introduced in the legislature and could mean the end of the sale of newly animal tested cosmetics in the state.

The bill is spearheaded by State Senator Mike Gabbard with cosponsors Senators Chris Lee and Maile S.L. Shimabukuro.

Hawaii was one of the very first states to consider a ban on animal testing for cosmetics when Senator Gabbard began working on this issue alongside Cruelty Free International in 2018.

In 2019, Senator Gabbard and then Representative Chris Lee introduced identical cruelty free cosmetics bills in the Senate and House and continued their efforts in 2020. Unfortunately, with Covid-19 cutting the legislative session short, the bills ran out of time.

We are hopeful that 2021 will be the year that Hawaii joins California, Nevada and Illinois by becoming the next state to take the cruelty free leap and help nudge the US even closer to a nationwide end to animal testing for cosmetics.

Monica Engebretson, our Head of Public Affairs in North America said: “US history has shown that state activity leads to changes at the federal level. Cruelty Free International’s state efforts have served as a catalyst to bring stakeholders to the table and has informed a move towards federal legislation.

We applaud Senators Gabbard, Lee, and Shimabukuro for their efforts to make Hawaii cruelty free and help build momentum for a nationwide end to animal testing for cosmetics.”

If you live in Hawaii, you can help by asking your State Senator to support SB345, the Hawaii Cruelty Free Cosmetics Act. Find your State Senator Information here.