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Korea announces ban on animal testing for cosmetics

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Testing cosmetics on animals in Korea will end by 2018

The Korea National Assembly has passed a Bill to ban companies testing cosmetics and ingredients on animals by 2018. It comes two years sooner than was originally planned. The Bill, proposed by Representative Jeong-Lim Moon, will be signed by the President in the next few days.

The ban follows two years of work by Cruelty Free International with Rep. Moon, members of the Korean government and the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety. It adds to existing bans in the European Union, India and New Zealand and the good progress being made on animal testing regulation in the USA, China and Brazil.

Cruelty Free International Director of Policy Dr Nick Palmer began discussions with the Korean National Assembly two years ago. He said: “This is a great start to the New Year. With bans already in place in the EU, India and New Zealand, Korea joins the ever-growing list of nations that no longer see animal experiments as necessary for cosmetics. We are delighted to have played a big role in this breakthrough and look forward to helping other Asian countries take similar steps in 2016.”

Cruelty Free International East Asia Manager, Hyung Ju Lee, said: “I am thrilled that, after two years of dedicated work by Cruelty Free International, we have been able to achieve this important milestone. I am proud to have been part of the process which will eventually make animal suffering for cosmetics in Korea a thing of the past.”

Vanessa-MaeSuperstar Violinist and Cruelty Free International Global Ambassador, said: “This is a fantastic achievement and sends a positive message to the rest of the world that Korea takes animal welfare concerns seriously. I am delighted that, with help from Cruelty Free International, Korea is now putting an end to animal suffering for cosmetics, and I hope that Korea’s actions encourage other countries in Asia and beyond to do the same.”

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