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Take action for animals with our General Election Supporters Pack

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Be a force for change in your community

You can give animals a voice in the 2024 UK General Election by using our downloadable toolkit to contact the parliamentary candidates in your constituency to pledge to end animal testing, post on social media, write to your local newspaper, or display a poster in your window.

Find out how you can support our campaign to end animal testing in Britain by downloading the toolkit on our website

These free resources will help you be a force for change in your community and amplify our shared voice for the animals who can’t speak for themselves. 

You can: 

  • Post your support on social media – download graphics to reach and inspire your followers on X, Facebook and Instagram 

  • Write a letter to your local newspaper – use one of our template letters to help reach a larger audience, grab the attention of decision-makers and inspire others to act 

  • Take the Cruelty-Free Pledge – join us in pledging your support for a future without animal testing 

Did you know that many of the products you use in your daily life such as cleaning supplies, cosmetics and even household appliances will have been linked to tests on animals at some point on their way to your home – whether you like it or not?  
We can do so much better! Non-animal alternatives can produce better results with no animal suffering.  

Our Head of Public Affairs, Dylan Underhill, said: “Across the country, animals are suffering in cruel experiments under a system that is stuck in the past. The system for keeping us safe from dangerous chemicals currently demands that testing is done on animals. This is despite the fact that non-animal alternatives can produce better results. We need the government to do more to phase out the cruel use of animals in science – and make sure that political parties and their candidates know how much voters care. 

“Unfortunately, the scope and scale of animal testing is much greater than most people realise. There were over 2.7 million procedures on animals in this country in 2022, and we have estimated at least 190 million uses of animals each year across the globe. It’s not just rats either. It's also cats, dogs, monkeys, fish, birds and guinea pigs, to name just a few.”