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We celebrate anniversary of mandated alternatives in Virginia

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Our campaign to make USA cruelty free continues to gain momentum

The 30th of March marks one year since the state of Virginia passed a bill backed by us to make testing facilities use non animal tests for cosmetics and household cleaners whenever they are available. The bill was a real step forward for animals in Virginia and a launchpad for further efforts in states around the USA.

Huge thanks again to the legislators who made this possible and an especially big shout out to Senator Jennifer Boysko who spearheaded the bill and who continues to champion an end to cosmetics animal testing in the state.

Our work in the US goes on with bills currently progressing in several states, including Hawaii and Illinois, to outlaw the use of animals in testing for cosmetics once and for all.

Our North America Campaign Manager, Monica Engebretson, said: “Remember that state action leads to national change. Even if there’s no cosmetics bill in your state right now ask your legislators and your favorite cosmetics companies to introduce and support bills! Companies can contact us to find out how.”

Together we can make the US cruelty free! For more information on our US work, check out our Facebook page.