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Argentina Bill to end cosmetics testing on animals

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Today Cruelty Free International has welcomed a new Bill introduced by Senator Magdalena Odarda that would end the use of animals to test cosmetics in Argentina.

Cruelty Free International Chief Executive, Michelle Thew said, "Cruelty Free International applauds Senator Magdalena Odarda for introducing this Bill to end animal testing for cosmetics in Argentina. We were pleased to offer advice on this important issue and urge our supporters in Argentina and around the world to support the Bill.”

Senator Magdalena Odarda said, "It's wonderful that we have the support of people who care about animals all over the world, and in preparing this Bill we've worked closely with Cruelty Free International, which is also leading an effort to end animal testing for cosmetics in Brazil and many other countries. Together we can change the world!"

The Bill would end the animal testing of cosmetics ingredients and prohibit the sale of new animal tested cosmetics in Argentina after a two year phase in. Violation of the law would result in hefty fines which would be ear-marked for animal protection and welfare programs in Argentina.

“It’s very exciting that Senator Odarda’s bill has been introduced in the same week that Cruelty Free International welcomed the Humane Cosmetics Act in the United States. I am thrilled that Argentina is the next country to step up for animals suffering in cruel and unnecessary tests for cosmetics,” said Cruelty Free International North America Campaign Manager Monica Engebretson.

Cruelty Free International is the leading organisation campaigning for a global ban on animal cosmetics testing. With offices in the UK, US, Brazil and Asia, it has been successful in making significant progress around the world. A European Union ban on the testing and marketing of animal-tested cosmetics and ingredients came into effect in 2013.  As well as Europe, Israel and India now have bans in place while the USA, New Zealand, Brazil, South Korea, and Vietnam are also making strides toward ending cosmetics testing on animals and China has lifted the animal testing requirement for certain cosmetics produced within the country. 

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